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Fish Farming Tanks

In D&BTech, we produce tanks for aquaculture and microalgae cultivation.
Our culture tanks minimize hydraulic losses and eliminate dead zones and areas of solids settlement.
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High efficiency aerators

We manufacture and commercialize high performance equipment for aquaculture aeration. They require very low pressure and avoid liquid oxygen usage.
D&B Technology will advise you on the most suitable aeration devices for your needs. Contact us without any compromise!
Aeration Devices

Aeration and Dissolution of Industrial Gases

D&BTech manufactures high performance equipments for dissolving industrial gases. These devices are able to generate bubbles with an average diameter of less than 10 microns.
This capacity allows minimization of energy consumption and working at low pressures of air and water.
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D&BTech and Repsol Foundation

Latest news D&BTECH

D&BTech participates in the first "Water Investment Forum" organized by the Repsol Foundation.

Repsol Foundation, following their strategy focused in innovation, has organized the first Investment Forum in the water sector with the aim of helping Entrepreneurs Fund projects in their technological and commercial developments.

The Water Day, held on July the 3rd, was attended by 14 different companies in the water sector and 13 entrepreneurs from 7 projects incubated by the Entrepreneurs Fund.

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The new system for impulse and mixture developed by D&BTech

The new system for impulse and mixture developed by D&BTech, reaches 25% more biomass than that obtained in conventional paddle tank and a decrease in energy consumption in the pond of more than 75%.

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The Prince of Asturias receives the winners of the Repsol Foundation’s Entrepreneurs Fund

Repsol and Repsol Foundation Chairman, Antonio Brufau, presented to Don Felipe the Repsol Foundation’s Entrepreneurs Fund, the first private equity fund in Spain devoted to entrepreneurs seeking energy efficiency

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Simulations, Aeration, Diffusers
Simulations, Aeration, Diffusers

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