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What are cookies?

Cookies are files the web server sends to your browser in order to register your activity on a website. Cookies provide statistical and anonymous information and therefore do not collect data which may enable the personal identification of the user. Cookies are associated only to your browser (the software you use for navigation purposes) and therefore both your identity as user and the content of your computer are completely unknown to us.

How many types of cookies are there?

Cookies may be classified in several different ways. The most common classification consists of establishing two groups, one based on duration or permanence (the time lapsed until they are erased) and the other on purpose.

Based on their duration, cookies can be divided into session cookies (which are automatically erased when the user closes the browser) and permanent cookies, which are stored for a longer period in the browser and are erased either automatically once their purpose has been fulfilled or manually.

Based on their purpose, there are several types of cookies. Technical cookies are those which are indispensable and strictly necessary for the correct functioning of the web. More complex websites use customization cookies, analytical cookies, (own or third-party) advertising cookies and social cookies, which aid to the configuration of the web and to the use of the different options and services it offers (languages, colours, text size, preferred sections, access to a certain menu, etc).

What type of cookies do we use?

This Website, owned by DROPS & BUBBLES TECNOLOGÍA, S.L. (hereinafter, D&BTech) uses cookies to help improve the service offered to the users, measuring the use and performance of the page in order to optimize and customize it. In short, the purpose of cookies is to improve the efficiency of the advertising we include. Specifically, this Website uses the following types of cookies:

Own Cookies

Own cookies are those which D&BTech sends to a user computer or terminal from the Website. These cookies make it possible for the Website to work correctly and are therefore essential for the user to be able to use all the options of the Website and move around it normally.

Drops & Bubbles Tecnología, S.L. Strictly necessary
  • Log management
  • Provide information society services requested by the user in accordance with applicable terms and conditions.
Session, log and data of the consultation and quotation request management system.

Third-party Cookies

Third-party cookies are cookies sent to the user computer or terminal from a website which is not managed by D&BTech, but by another company which processes the data obtained through the cookies. Specifically, third-party cookies used on the Website are:

  • Analytical cookies: They make it possible to quantify the number of users visiting the Website and follow up and analyse their behaviour on the Website. The information collected by means of analytical cookies is used to elaborate user profiles of navigation on the Website with a view to making improvements in the service offered.

The main objectives of this type of cookies are:

➢ To enable the anonymous identification of browsing users and make an approximate calculation of the number of visitors and their tendencies over time.
➢ To identify anonymously the most visited content, that is, the content which is most appealing to the users.
➢ To know if the user has visited the Website before.

 GOOGLE Google Analytics Provide statistical information about traffic on the website, total audience and the audience of a certain advertising campaign. Show number of visits, pages or sections visited, browsing time, sites visited previously, details of browsers used. Use of Google Analytics cookies on websites.
 GOOGLE Google Adwords Remarketing (Google Inc)

Show adverts customised according to the behaviour or preferences shown by the user and improve advertising campaigns.

Customise advertising campaigns and show adverts which adjust to the preferences of users.

Show information collected during browsing about preferences or interests in products and/or services

Show IP address, type of operational system, type of browser, pages visited.

Use of Google Adwords cookies on websites.


  • Social cookies: These enable users to interact with the content of various social platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). The terms of use of these cookies and the information compiled are governed by the policy applied to cookies by the relevant social platform.









Monitor the interaction with social widgets within the page. This type of cookies is used in domains
"", "", "" and ""

How can you configure cookies?

All modern browsers enable users to change the configuration of cookies. These adjustments are normally found under the “options” or “preferences” menu of the browser. By configuring your browser options you can enable, block or eliminate cookies in your equipment. This is how to do it:

You should take into account that if you choose to block cookies, this may affect or hamper the performance of D&BTech’s Website.

Cookies in mobile devices

D&BTech also uses cookies or other storage devices in mobile terminals. In this case, as with computer browsers, you have the possibility to configure the privacy options or adjustments to deactivate or eliminate cookies.

If you wish to modify your privacy options, follow the instructions specified by the developer of your mobile device browser.

Likewise, here are some examples of links which will guide you if you wish to change the privacy options in your mobile device.

This cookies policy is reviewed periodically to assure that it keeps up to date and may therefore be subject to amendments.


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