Repsol Foundation unveiled today the seven winning projects of the first call of the Repsol Foundation´s Entrepreneurs Fund, aimed at supporting projects that provide better business solutions for energy saving and efficiency.

Aeration, Simulations, Diffusers

These seven projects now start an incubation process in which, with a maximum duration of 24 months, the Fund will lend financial support of between 12,000 and 6,000 euros per month per project, as well as technological, business and legal advice coordinated by guardian. This will allow them to develop their business, adapt to market requirements and make it attractive to capital inflows.

The process of development and consolidation of the winning initiatives will be coordinated by Repsol Foundation and will have the capacity and infrastructure of the Repsol Technology Centre and other private schools and institutions. Also have the advice of Repsol's operating areas, as well as external support needed to achieve the objectives defined for its value. In addition, they facilitate market access and business contacts necessary to push your way to the commercial stage.

The presentation of the winning projects, which was held at the Repsol Technology Centre, was attended by Antonio Brufau, President of Fundación Repsol and its Vice President, César Gallo. Moreover, in the course of the event, Professor Juan Pérez Mercader gave the conference "Information and efficiency in the evolution of life."

Repsol has said that the Entrepreneurs Fund is an initiative that encourages, in the field of energy efficiency, the study, analysis and research. It is an especially important asset for Repsol and will mark a before and after so assumed prior to the energy needs of the future.


Winning projects

The selected projects seek greater energy efficiency in several policy areas, ranging from power generation to distribution and end use.They are:

    • Gas diffusers, high efficiency, in liquids. Entrepreneur: D & B Technology, SL
    • Temperature monitoring of power distribution lines. Entrepreneur: (FOCUS) Fiber Optics Consulting Services and Technologies, SL
    • Microsystems for the detection of microorganisms. Entrepreneur: Micro4ener.
    • Osmoblue. Production of electricity from waste heat at low temperature. Entrepreneur: Anna Laromaine Dahan and Elodie.
    • System continuously variable power transmission. Entrepreneur: Powertrack.
    • Wave turbine for generating electrical energy from the waves. Entrepreneur: Sendekia SL
    • Vortex-Turbine by vorticity piezoelectric. Entrepreneur: Deutecno, SL

Sendekia projects and focus on Deutecno generation systems more efficient electricity from renewable sources, wave (produced by the movement of the waves) and wind, respectively. The proposed Osmoblue, developing a system for the production of electricity from waste heat at low temperature.

In the field of transport and distribution of energy, the draft Focus allows temperature monitoring in networks of power distribution.

Proposals aimed at improving energy efficiency in the industrial sector are projects D & B Technology, which develops diffusers gases, high transfer rate in liquids, of Micro4ener, with a new sensor for detecting online bacterial growth, and Powertrack, which develops a continuous transmission system and reversible power.


Success of the first call

In this first call 409 projects were received, of which 91% are from Spain. Four autonomous regions account for 73% of projects, including Catalonia and Madrid with about 100 entries each. For the rest of the world, of the 38 proposals submitted most come from Latin America (82%), while the rest come from the rest of Europe, Africa and Asia.

In terms of typology, 39% fall within the scope of final consumption, while 29% were concentrated in production and power generation.

Second Call

During the ceremony, announced the opening of the second call of the Fund. Entrepreneurs who are interested in participating may submit proposals until 16 November.

This second call wide scope, incorporating a new endpoint for the implementation of innovative energy efficiency measures with particular social impact.

About the Repsol Foundation Entrepreneurs Fund

The Repsol Foundation Entrepreneurs Fund is the first private equity fund in the field of energy efficiency in Spain that was born with the aim of bringing out and attract talent, and drive innovative companies to provide greater sustainability in the search, production and use of energy.

This initiative is part of Fundación Repsol Repsol's strategy to promote the development of innovative projects in the field of energy and integrated within their commitments to improve the sustainability of current energy models.

Repsol business projects intended to be developed, sponsored by the Fundación Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund and generate economic activity, provide value, create jobs in our country and improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the Spanish economy.


Ir a la noticia: Fundación Repsol presenta los siete proyectos seleccionados en la primera convocatoria del Fondo de Emprendedores

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