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D&B Technology has launched a demonstration plant of its high efficiency aeration equipment for use in WWTP stations (Wastewater Treatment Plant). 

This plant is installed at the Centre for New Water Technologies (CENTA), a technology center of excellence where purification equipments developed by companies from many countries are tested.

The plant consists of two lines of biological treatment. While line 1 operates with traditional membrane diffusers (discs 9 inch EPDM), in line 2 there is an aeration system developed by D&B Technology. This will give information about energy saving data achieved by our new aeration equipment.





Aeration, Simulations, DiffusersAfter some weeks in operation the demonstration plant is in the process of reaching a steady state. Due to recent heavy rains, residual water from a nearby village feeding CENTA facilities, wears very low organic load, so it will be necessary to wait for some weeks before the required sludge concentration for the proper  operation of the biological reactor is achieved.

Aeration, Simulations, Diffusers

After similar initial sludge concentration, clean water tests for both lines will be conducted in order to obtain the Standar Aeration Efficiency (SAE) value wchich is widely used as a mean to compare commercial equipments.




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