bubbles generation, biological cultures, water oxygenation

Repsol Foundation, following their strategy focused in innovation, has organized the first Investment Forum in the water sector with the aim of helping Entrepreneurs Fund projects in their technological and commercial developments.

The Water Day, held on July the 3rd, was attended by 14 different companies in the water sector and 13 entrepreneurs from 7 projects incubated by the Entrepreneurs Fund.

With events like this, the Foundation supports energy efficiency projects in various sectors such as renewable energy, energy storage, biomass materials, ICT, etc. Within these categories, the sector in which most proposals have been presented in the third edition has been water (7%).

César Gallo, vice president of Repsol Foundation, made a presentation on how the Entrepreneurs Fund works.

Manuel Bravo, Director of the Energy and Sustainability field, explained the Forum main objectives and later moderated entrepreneurs in their presentations. The projects raised much interest and questions from the audience.

The projects presented were:

Micro4Ener: Monitoring of Legionella in industrial and residential water

Biogas +: Iron Nanoparticles to increase biogas production by 200%

Tubenergy: hydraulic micro turbines for pressurized pipes

BioH2: Hydrogen production by biological means

D&BTech: Generation of microbubbles and microfoams increasing by more than 40% efficiency in the liquid/gas transfer process

Tecnoturbines: Hydraulic turbines designed for energy recovery in water distribution networks

Focus: Conversion of telecommunications optic fiber lines in sensors of temperature, strain and vibration

Afterwards it was scheduled a visit to the CTR (Repsol Technology Center) facilities to show technology and innovation in the field of oil. Finally, all the attendants were invited to have lunch while they could establish first relationships which will hopefully conclude in further collaboration in their fields of interest.

The Repsol Foundation believes that nowadays, the potential of industrial companies in Spain can and should be much higher if they are able to generate synergies and to concentrate efforts on entrepreneurial talent.

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