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We manufacture and commercialize high performance aquaculture aeration equipments, with the following characteristics:

  • Reduce energy consumption of existing aeration systems to a third.
  • Avoid the use of liquid oxygen, which is a huge cost saving. The investment pays off quickly.
  • Require very low pressures. Less than 30 mbar of losses in the air line and less than 20 cm of water pumping (avoidable if taken advantage of transfer between tanks)
  • Have a very effective system that prevents from clogging.
  • Manufactured in very strong and durable plastic materials.
  • Designed to be installed and uninstalled quickly, facilitating collection tasks.



esquema sistema aireacion acuicultura


 Comparative table showing the savings in operating costs of our diffusers:


O2 (mg/l)€ / kg O2
Other brands
€ / kg O2
D & B
5,0 0,182 0,027
7,0 0,545 0,082
7,8 2,727 0,409

Simulations, Aeration, Diffusers

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Simulations, Aeration, Diffusers

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