Consulting & CFD


D&BTech simulate the behavior of fluids in complex systems. Powerful software running on a set of 12 servers is used for these numerical calculations.


B&BTech specializes in oxygen transfer tests.

We have expertise and facilities for SOTR / SAE testing which determines oxygen equipment performance according to ASCE international standards: Standard Measurement of Oxygen Transfer in Clean Water (1992).

Mediante potentes paquetes de software corriendo sobre un set de 12 servidores para cálculos numéricos, D&BTech simula el comportamiento de los fluidos en sistemas complejos. Esto permite predecir y optimizar el funcionamiento de equipos con el consiguiente ahorro de tiempo y materiales.

SBR Reactor for industrial water purification designed for the company DINOTEC

Simulations, Aeration, Diffusers

D&B Technology design and produce scale prototypes in order to rate the operation parameters of larger industrial equipment.

Hydrodynamic design of microalgae and aquaculture polyester culture tanks, which prevent the deposition of solids in dead zones.

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