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In order to address the heat treatment of a big metalic piece, it was previously simulated the evolution and distribution of temperature inside the oven. In the same way, it was tested an increase of effectiveness by means of the redesign of the layout of heat sources and the inclussion of elements for reorienting the flows.


In order to produce aircraft parts with hight accurateness requirements in all their parameters (size, resistance, weight, etc.) and also to achieve the necessary fiber content and avoid microholes, inside the autoclaves, a precise combination of vacuum, pressure and heat are aplied in a variable way along the time.

The CFD tool allowed the optimum layout of the heating points inside the autoclave and also the simulation ot the effect over a delicate aircraft part along the time.


CFD 9 PD OptimizacionD&B Tech is involved in the design of advanced solar collectors which will have its main application in heating and sanitary hot water systems. CFD techniques enable analyzing not only the flow patterns but also the temperature distribution and mechanisms (conduction, convection and radiation) of heat transfer with the objective of studying in an integrated way the functioning of the designed equipment.

CFD 14 PD Diseno-bateriasThe optimization of an electrochemistry cell from the hydraulic point of view was done with the CFD tool. From the original design, improvement capabilities were studied and some changes on the prototype were proposed. These modifications resulted in a better flow distribution and also a drastic reduction of head losses, in the order of 50%.

D&B Tecnología has developed an innovative device for micro-bubbles generation in order to be incorporated in any kind of industrial activities that require gas dissolution in liquids with the objective of upper energy efficiency.

CFD 13 PD Diseno-MicroBTech

CFD 12 PD Analisis SBR

D&B Tecnología studied how are working the commonly used mixture systems and air dissolution technologies in circular tanks. Once the diagnosis was finished, a number of geometric layouts were simulated in order to choose the best position for the ejectors.

Imagen 1 cabecera CFD-v3 2


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